The HeART of Food

Chef Jackson York, CEC, AAC and I have been collaborating on our cookbook “The HeART of Food” (A Culinary Journey to Healing the Soul). We have a YouTube Channel and a Blog with recipes and tidbits. Hope all of you are staying healthy out there. Stay Tuned…


The only real constant in life is change. We continue down a path and we can’t go back. No do overs. Spending any time fretting, grieving, or beating ourselves up over poor choices only keeps the journey heavy, long and tedious. Full of self doubt, anger, depression, regrets, guilt, the list goes on. It has…

Body Language

I am learning to listen to my body. It all has to do with what we put in. In our bodies, in our minds, in our ears, eyes… It makes a huge impact on our future.


As I run…shedding tattered, bruised, no longer fitting old skin. Embrace a freedom freely given at a cost I cannot understand. Laying prostrate…wet falling from a gratitude welling. Breathless, deep, guttural “thank you” pales

Leaving is a Process

Why do some days seem so empty… the harshness of such loss has no words. This divorce was more…a death of a person I used to know, or I thought I knew. Not without 3 years of torment, anguish, abuse, shattered heart, tortured spirit, broken trust… even trust in myself, my judgement. I am the…