Media Feed

I often wonder what would happen if we all took a sabbatical from any form of media. We could begin to clear our minds of the feeding frenzy and begin to think for ourselves once again. We would more than likely begin to listen to that still small voice inside that pushes us to be…


Sometimes no matter how much we love something, we are forced to let it go because it hurts too much to try to hold onto it. Sometimes no matter how much we love, how much we give, and how much we do for someone else, they simply refuse to see it. Sometimes no matter how…

Cookbook Collaboration

Chef Jackson York CEC, AAC asked Sheri to collaborate on a cookbook with him back in 2012. This is exciting! Chef Jackson won Texas Best Chef in 2010 as well as Best Pastry Chef in 2012. Jackson posing with Stephanie Hill Frazier. She is an amazing Chef herself! Chef Jackson was also nominated to run…

Prison Walls

Most prison walls are ones we erect around ourselves.

The Searching

Sometimes it’s the searching that weighs heavy. Laying hard under blankets crushing. Cloud shrouded darkness of thought.  Pressure of breathing. To seek beauty and Glory when eyes are barely open as the heart heaves deep in miry clay. Chains of negatively charged particles surround. Breaking free an almost strangled sigh. Give me strength oh Lord….