A Drop of Water

I felt compelled to write ideas that were forming in my head in 2008. Thus began a new book.

A DROP OF WATER / Chapter One

“Before creation there was only God. Nothing else existed. He was complete. He was neither lonely nor alone as He had all He needed unto Himself. I think it is important to realize exactly what this means. Nothing existed but God. There was no time or space, as God was all. Everything that ever was and ever will be and all we know began…as God.”
Sam hesitated a moment for emphasis, he wanted to give the people time to grasp this profound statement. They began murmuring among themselves as he continued.

“There was no creation, there was no creator. There was, only God.” There was yet another hesitation, followed by more whispers in the crowd.

Sam Whitford was a world-renowned scientist. His credentials were extraordinary and well deserved as he had done his homework and worked hard to achieve his status. There was a time when his standing was one of the highest government officials assigned to a top-secret mission for global reconstruction. The world was a different place now.

“God became Creator for the first time as He had a desire to have “relationship”. In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth. Words we are familiar with from our beloved Bible, the absolute irrefutable word of God. Thus became an expansion of Him, a void and a formless shape. Perhaps a teardrop from God Himself, knowing what was to transpire in the time to follow. A drop of water.”

A hush came over the crowd as the ground above them quaked. Tanks and troops moving overhead no doubt. Stillness choked by fear consumed the dimly lit cave as the crowds pressed together and listened for any sign of relief. Twenty feet above this gathering, his armies were on the move. Etching forward toward their new order of destruction. Sam lowered his head in prayer for the safety of the ones above as well as the ones gathered here tonight. He was a good leader. He knew the treachery and terror that brewed in the mind of his enemy. The prince of demons was at work as never before in all of history. He shuddered as his thoughts moved backward in time to his first meeting with the one, the man, the pawn of Satan himself.

A little taste for you… more will be revealed.


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